Munich Health - Pioneering global healthcare

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Munich Health

Pioneering Global Healthcare

Managing the costs and quality of medical care
is one of the major global challenges of the
21st century. Drawing on broad experience and
resources on all levels of the healthcare
insurance and service value chain,
Munich Health is your ideal partner
in mastering these challenges.


Part of Munich Re

Munich Health is one of three business segments within Munich Re. Its purpose is to pool the global health expertise in primary insurance, reinsurance and risk management. As a business segment within Munich Re, Munich Health activities cover a broad spectrum of health solutions. These include new forms of collaboration between primary and reinsurance, the development of governmental healthcare systems, public-private partnerships, new product and service portfolios for primary insurance and consulting services.

Business and solutions

Primary insurance

Health insurance covers offered by Munich Health companies worldwide.


Reinsurance solutions and tailored services from an experienced and financially strong partner.

Risk management services

Managed care services for local insurance clients around the world.

Entities and partners

Munich Re Munich Health North America Globality S.A. DKV Seguros y Reaseguros S.A., Spain DKV Hälsa DKV Belgium S.A. Apollo Munich Health Insurance, India Daman National Health Insurance Inc, Abu Dhabi Munich Re Stop Loss Storebrand mednet
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